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Always interested in the various mastiff breeds, we started our search 20 years ago for the perfect mastiff to add to our family.  After extensive research, we decided upon the American Mastiff, developed by Fredericka of Flying W Farms.

Our first American Mastiff was our beautiful "Duchess of Deepwood" from Flying W Farms.  After being screened and approved to be breeders by the American Mastiff Breeders Council (AMBC) in 2003, we purchased our brindle male "Deepwood Diesel" from Orion Farms.  He traces directly back to Flying W Farms foundation stock.  Over time, we have added additional dogs to our program from Hidden Acres Farm and Capell Creek Ranch, as well as retained puppies from our own litters.

Our dogs live with us and are members of our family.  They have been extensively socialized and even accompany us on camping vacations!  Everywhere we go, people are impressed with our dogs' looks and their fantastic behavior.  Then once they meet and get to know our dogs, they are entranced by their loving dispositions and especially with their gentleness toward children.

One of the most rewarding things we've done is getting our male Deepwood Diesel certified as a therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International (TDI).  He was able to visit nursing homes, children's hospitals, veteran's hospitals - anywhere that accepts Therapy Dogs!

We think the American Mastiff is the perfect mastiff breed!  They are truly Gentle Giants!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to ask us questions about these wonderful dogs!

Deepwood Acres American Mastiffs
Jim & Sandy Taylor
North East, MD 21901
(410) 398-0769

We love camping with our dogs!  Pictured below is Turbo and Diesel (2007).

Camping with the boys!


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